Friday, September 7 at 7pm

Created by:                Breadcrumbs Productions Devising Group

Performed by:           Tanner Efinger, Maya Dwyer, Laura Bernas, Laura Stisser & Ana Guerrero

In a dusty corner of a used bookstore in Syracuse, New York, we find the diary of an 80 year old woman from 1922. “Unearthing Mary Bixby” explores what happens when present meets past through theatrical curiosity and the excavation of found verbatim text in a retrospective on aging, fate and memory. 


Breadcrumbs Productions Devising Group is a regular meet up of local Central New York theatre and performance artists who meet weekly to devise new pieces of theatre. This group is open to anyone in the community and free to attend.

Tanner EfinTanner Effinger Photo Hannah Madsen creditger (Lead Artist) is the Artistic Director of Breadcrumbs. He has worked professionally throughout the US and UK as a performer, director, educator, producer, and writer. He has performed in NYC and LA for 10 years and in 2008 Tanner became active in community and national organizing for LGBTQ rights. In 2011, Tanner moved to Oxford, UK where he managed several restaurant and art venues, before developing a career as a freelance theatre artist. During this time, he developed a passion for non-traditional theatrical forms: immersive, site-specific and devised works which challenge audiences to engage with story in new ways. In 2017, Tanner moved to Syracuse, New York and founded Breadcrumbs Productions. He is passionate about creating community change and lasting effect through the professional theatre arts.


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